Are you unconsciously sabotaging your presentation success?

Here’s some surprising news: You probably don’t need to learn much in order to become more effective at getting your message across.

You need to unlearn things.

Things you were told about presenting at school , university, from your parents, well-meaning friends, at speech and debating classes and even public speaking clubs like Toastmasters. At work, we watch people stand next to a screen and present and we tell ourselves, “That’s how to do it.”

Unfortunately, as a result of our exposure to less that brilliant presentations, it’s likely you’ve unconsciously absorbed a set of “rules” – do’s and don’ts – which get in the way of you being naturally engaging.

We’ve identified the three most common ways that the presenters sabotage themselves and get in their own way of being stimulating and compelling. Find out what they are and what to do about them in our free guide:

 “The three ways you’re sabotaging your presentation success. And what to do about it.”

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This presentation design template makes you look so good… it’s almost like cheating!

Most people design their presentations using the wrong tool. PowerPoint is meant for presentation delivery – not design. The Effective Speaking SpeakerMap™ template will make you more confident engaging and credible.

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  • The five subtle ways that PowerPoint is sabotaging your credibility and what to do about it!

  • Do you sometimes feel that your audience is turned off by the way you present? Your feeling is probably right!

    But the problem may not be you - the problem might be caused by PowerPoint and the way you're using it.

    We've identified five subtle ways that PowerPoint can sabotage the impact you create and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

    If you present using PowerPoint, you'll get heaps out of this information.

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